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Why work with Piechowski Energy

Piechowski Energy was established in 1997 as a specialist energy efficiency and sustainable buildings advisory company.  We offer specialist energy efficiency and building physics expertise to develop value-for-money and fit-for-purpose solutions.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider our services.

Customer Focus

Cost effective solutions

We listen to your requirements and respond with creative solutions that maximise return on investment. We develop fit-for-purpose solutions to complex problems that are simpler and more cost effective than generic alternatives.

De-risking projects

We identify and eliminate adverse buildability and operational implications of generic solutions. We validate complex design solutions through modelling and simulation to achieve value-for-money construction and compliance cost.

Value for money

We offer range and depth of specialist expertise that are mostly available through large consulting firms, usually at a higher cost.

Accountability for outcomes

We stand behind our solutions by providing regulatory compliance certification and performance certification for our innovative solutions. Drawing on our expertise and project experience we provide authoritative advice backed up by personal and regulatory accountability.

Creative ability to deliver specific projects outcomes

We bring wide-ranging expertise to create bespoke solutions to deliver fit-for-purpose, innovative and value-for-money solutions. We do it by drawing on our extensive expertise, project experience and systematic methodology. We develop solutions with confidence from first principles, supported by powerful computer modelling and simulation techniques. Such depth and breadth of expertise is not often available among our small to medium size peers.

Technical expertise and project experience

Our staff and associates are experienced professionals in the energy efficiency and building services areas. We have over 25 years industry experience which combines engineering and research expertise in energy efficiency, HVAC design, building physics, renewable energy technologies and energy storage. Our team has extensive international projects experience including projects in the UAE, India and SE Asia as well as Australian projects. Our members led teams responsible for LEED building certifications, energy efficiency, building physics, building modelling and simulation, HVAC design and tender review process.

Our Team

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Dr Mirek Piechowski, Director

Mirek is an energy engineering professional with over 30 years of experience in the sustainable built

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environment, energy efficiency and renewable energy infrastructure areas.  His professional experience spans engineering consulting projects in Australia, United Arab Emirates, India and SE Asia, academic research and development and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies.  Mirek specialises in developing energy efficiency strategies, energy master planning, building physics, HVAC systems and energy infrastructure design for commercial, institutional, and industrial projects.


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Jenny Leung, Associate, Mechanical Services

Jenny is a Mechanical Services engineer with over 30 years of experience across commercial and government sectors. 

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She specializes in the design of buildings mechanical services, construction planning and construction phase management and supervision.  Jenny has extensive international project experience including projects in the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and SE Asia.  Jenny is AIRAH and ASHRAE Member.


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Marcin Piechowski, Engineer, Mechanical Services

Marcin is a Mechanical Services engineer with over 10 years of experience across commercial and government sectors. 

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He specialises in advanced energy modelling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), mechanical services design and BCA Section J compliance certification.  Marcin’s design and construction experience include new construction and retrofit projects in Dubai and Australia.


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