Specialist Services

For more complex projects or early-stage evaluations and proof of concept we offer specialist services that provide a quantifiable input to the decision-making process.  These services include buildings or systems energy modelling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling.  The output of the modelling and simulation informs quantitative assessment of options and outcomes.  The modelling is often combined with feasibility studies to add the financial dimension to the evaluation of project options.  Our sustainability and energy efficiency expertise also informs energy infrastructure planning and policy decisions.  We also assist legal professionals by providing subject matter expertise (SME) in matters involving air conditioning and ventilation systems, often encountered in the construction related VCAT disputes.  Our expertise is also sought by investment community to inform investment decisions in the energy related ventures.

  • Building energy modelling and simulation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Renewable energy feasibility studies
  • Expert witness services in VCAT matters
  • SME in energy technologies