Marvel Edge

The Marvel Edge is a 9 storey urban mixed use development covering a site area of approximately 40,469 m2. The Marvel Edge development aims to demonstrate its environmental sustainability by achieving a LEED platinum rating. The development provides high end office, retail, hotel, restaurant and community service facilities.
The Meinhardt Building Science Group (MBSG) are the LEED consultants for the project. MBSG have been an integral in leading the sustainable design aspects of the development as well as guiding and implementing the LEED submission process.

The MSBG’s guided the sustainable design aspects of the development including:

  • Undertaking building energy and façade thermal modelling to guide the value engineering and design processes.
  • Undertaking computational fluid dynamics modelling (CFD) to assess the wind impact on the building and surroundings.
  • Undertaking Daylight modelling to ensure design achieves optimised day-lighting
  • Undertaking thermal comfort modelling and analysis to ensure design meets optimal indoor environmental quality indicators
  • Assessment of non conventional HVAC technologies such as solar thermal cooling
  • Compiling LEED documentation and advising on the design requirements to meet LEED compliance
Project Details

Location: Pune, India.
Building Type: New Commercial mixed use development. Building Footprint: 24,043m2

  • Green roof
  • High performance facade
  • LEED-CS Platinum (Target)