RACV Healesville Country Club

RACV Healesville Redevelopment works included construction of a new clubhouse to include recreational and retail areas and two multi-level accommodation wings. The development is sited within an extensive rural open space landscape.

GeoExchange Energy Infrastructure

Key integrated design elements of this facility include an on site landscaped ornamental lake that functions as heat source and sink coupled to radiant floor heating cooling and systems and air handling units.

The system works on the premise that water temperature fluctuates less than air temperatures and therefore provides a heat sink or store. Mechanical heating/cooling combined with this Geoexchange system enables a portion of this heating cooling energy to be obtained for free.

Passive Design Strategies

Natural ventilation strategy

The incorporation of high level vents and a natural ventilation strategy and night purge cycle enables fresh air to enter the ventilation space and the warm and stale air to flow out though these high level vents.

Massing, shading and insulation

The building design incorporates thermal mass in floor slabs, solid concrete internal walls and lift wells. This helps to moderate temperature extremes and therefore heating and cooling energy demands and contributes to increased internal comfort.

Operable shutters to western side of accommodation wings give occupants control over solar gain and glare into the occupied space and minimise cooling energy demands. High performance glazing and insulation levels above BCA requirements prevent heat losses and gains into the space.


Use of Skylights provides natural light throughout the space.

Project Details

Location: Healesville, Victoria, Australia.
Building Type: Hotel and Country Club - including a multi-storey car park, dining, lounge and function areas, golf support facilities and recreational facilities.

  • GeoExchange renewable energy infrastructure
  • Hydronic floor heating/cooling